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Design T-Shirts


Have a question about our services? Check out our FAQ. If your question isn't listed, feel free to reach out to us with your questions!

What is the minimum order?


Embroidery on apparel purchased from us has a small 6 piece minimum.  While you can purchase as little as 6 pieces at a time, buying in bulk will save you money.  We offer quantity price breaks starting at 12 pieces.  Contact us for more information.


Because of the detailed process, we do have a minimum order of 24 pieces for Screen Printed Apparel.  Buying screen printing in bulk will also save you lots of money.  If you only have a few pieces you need printed please ask about our heat printing alternative.

How long will my order take?


Because of the design and approval process, first time customers usually take a little longer than repeat customers.  We usually ask for approximately 7-10 business days on first-time orders.  (Often times we finish sooner.)


Repeat customers can usually expect to receive their finished orders after about  5-7 business days.  If you need your orders expedited...just ask!  We try to accommodate all of our customers' needs.

What are the artwork and or setup fees?


Embroidery set up is based on the final "stitch count" and complexity of your design.  We usually just charge a flat rate of $35 on most designs.  We feel this eliminates the guess work and keeps us at about 50% less than most of our competition.  Please note that digitizing fees are for the digitizing "service," not the actual files.  All digitized files remain the property of Speedy Threads & Graphics .  We will release files to clients at our discretion (fees may apply).  If you already have digitized artwork then you are already ahead of the game...send it right over and avoid any set up costs.  We do not charge for basic editing or basic text (as long as it is an in-house font style).


We currently do not charge set up or screen fees for screen printed apparel as long as the artwork provided is "print ready."   Print ready artwork should be vector with the file extension of .AI, .EPS, or .PDF.  If the artwork is not vector we may charge a nominal Art/Design Fee which would be agreed upon prior to any work being provided.


Art/Design- Most companies charge hourly rates for design work.  We find this to be very costly on clients.  One of our designers will sit with you and discuss your needs.  After assessing your needs we will then give you a flat rate for your design work.  No surprises, or hoping you don't get a slow designer that is going to charge you 10 hours on work that should take 3.  One flat rate that we both agree on, and it doesn't matter if it takes 1 hour or 6.  We will design until you are completely satisfied...SIMPLE!

Do you Ship? 


Yes...we currently ship using UPS, and USPS.  We can ship all over the US including Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii (international rates may apply).  We currently do not offer international shipping to countries not listed above, however if necessary, we will get you quotes for this service on a job-to-job basis.

What is your return/exchange policy?


Unfortunately, we can not return embroidered or printed items to our vendors, therefore we do not offer refunds or exchanges.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  However, if there is a problem with your order that is our fault, we will always stand behind our work and fix the problem accordingly.  We do offer "proofs" to all of our customers, and we highly recommend they look over the proofs for grammatical and any other errors prior to approving their jobs to be printed or embroidered.  Once an order is placed changes or cancellations will require a 20% restocking fee.

BYO - "Bring Your Own" policy:


Bring Your Own's, also referred to as BYO's, are items brought in that are not purchased from us.  While machine errors are seldom, we have to make our customers aware that issues do happen from time to time on our machines.  Unfortunately, we can not be held liable for these rare occurrences on items that were not purchased from us.  By bringing these such items in, you accept that it is "at your own risk."  

--Often times purchasing your apparel to be printed or embroidered from us ends up being cheaper and is 100% guaranteed!



A 50% deposit of the invoice total is due when the orders are placed, and the remaining balance will be due upon order pickup or delivery.  We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and business checks (no personal checks please).  Payments are accepted online, or in person at our office for your convenience. 

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